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Black Silkie


All natural, anti-biotic free, and hormone free, these heirloom birds are raised in large arena style coops in Cayuga New York. With origins from ancient china the Silkie was officially recognized in North America in 1874 . Silkies have a walnut-shaped crown of plumage, blue earlobes,  and feathers that come in a variety of colors. They have bluish-gray skin, pitch-black bones, dark beige flesh and are sold with the head and feet on ( five toes - not the usual four), and are priced per each. Whether used for ornamental purposes, as an ingredient, or an entrée , the deep gamey flavor of this lean free-range chicken is often compared to the Poulet de Bresse of France, but has twice the flavor at half the cost. The SILKIE’S deep dark color lends itself to some dramatic plate presentations.

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