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Summer 2018

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Beeler's Pork
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Drake's Fresh Pasta Company
Greater Omaha Beef



Dole & Bailey!

Dole & Bailey’s home

for its first 100 years was

 Faneuil Hall - New England's hub for merchants, fishermen, and meat and produce sellers--

it also provided a platform

for the country's most

famous orators. 






Or should we say “meat” the Beelers? 

With six generations of sizzle, you could say that the Beeler heritage has tied back to bacon, backs and butts for years. In fact, way back in 1846, our great-great-grandpa Fred emigrated from Germany and settled in Madison County, Iowa. The work he did set our high standards for years to come. Today, they still own the original family farm that started it all so we can share the pork our family had growing up with the world.

We believe in empowering our customers through knowledge and choice. That’s why sows on their farm are not housed in gestation crates, and the pigs are raised without antibiotics, growth promotants, or ractopamine. They only use pure natural spices and ingredients in their bacons, hams, and sausages, and never add MSG, sodium nitrate, or chemical preservatives. 


Now, in true Beeler tradition, they're proud to offer our Heluka brand of Non-GMO fed pork products, verified by the Non-GMO Project. Beeler Heluka pork upholds all of our standards of quality, purity, and welfare while also feeding the pigs a certified Non-GMO diet of corn and soybean meal.



“GMO” stands for genetically modified organism. It means that an organism has had its DNA altered or modified through genetic engineering. While the “safety” debate of GMOs rages on, one thing is certain: you are entitled to choice when it comes to your diet! Giving consumers a choice has always been the cornerstone of our family’s values. It’s why we go to great lengths to provide pork options devoid of questionable chemicals and practices.



Drake’s Fresh Pasta

- Little Bundles of Love from North Carolina


Drake’s Fresh Pasta began with a love of pasta and a pasta machine. Rick and Simone Drake wanted something that wasn’t available in the United States at the time and decided something needed to change. Now, as they did then, they make their fresh pastas with only fresh, high quality ingredients and never use preservatives. Which means all the vegetables, cheeses, dairy products, and meats used in their raviolis are fresh products (nothing frozen, canned or processed) which are prepared on site. They fill their raviolis with 50-60% filling so that the thin pasta is filled and bursting with flavor!


For a delicious, light option, you can’t go wrong with the Smoked mozzarella ravioli which has fresh, pencil thin asparagus and peas in a velvety ricotta and smoked-mozzarella filling.  Our FAVORITE Summer flavor is the Drake’s lobster raviolis with chunks of knuckle and claw meat folded right in with the rest of the filling. We have a few different formats of lobster ravioli, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs!







Great tasting,

responsibly produced,

authentic foods.

Everything you need

to set your


antipasti menu

up for success!

Enjoy special promotions with

each summer month...


Veal and Lamb Raised to a Higher Standard

For generations, Catelli Brothers has been setting the standard for quality veal and lamb. With their unsurpassed network of
producers in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, they have grown to become one of the leading veal and lamb
purveyors in North America. Now, as a member of the Fontelli Food Group, they are part of one of
the nation’s largest vertically integrated veal organizations as well.


Tribeca Oven’s founder, Peter Lobel, arrived in New York City from Zimbabwe in 1981. He brought his family’s tradition and love and knowledge of artisan breads to Park Avenue and opened a retail store. Later on, he would move to downtown Manhattan and later to New Jersey in order to expand into the wholesale business. Throughout this time the focus has been on maintaining a high quality with the ease and convenience of a par-baked, artisan bread.

Our summer favorite is hands-down the Challah burger bun whose sweetness and delicate crumb is still hearty enough to be a perfect complement to

our in-house, fresh

ground burgers!

“Our approach is to take old world techniques and modern technology to continue to produce bread in volume while not cutting corners. Our quality and consistency, without additives and processing aids, are at the forefront of the bread making process as we continue to chase greatness.” - George Erasmus, Head Baker for Tribeca Oven explains what sets Tribeca Oven bread apart from the rest.

Are you looking to upscale your Breakfast options?

Try the Challah Pullman loaf - hand-cut for

extra thick slices and then make the

best French Toast you have ever had. 

Will pair exceptionally well

with our fresh seasonal

fruit selection and

our locally sourced

Maple Syrup.

Grand Banks, sold under the label Froehlich’s Specialty Food Products, was founded over 20 years ago by Bill Froehlich as a smoked salmon company. Eventually the focus was shifted to fresh and smoked sausages.


Bill formulated all of his own proprietary recipes which never include preservatives or added nitrates. Every ingredients statement is short with pronounceable ingredients which translates to bright, clean, delicious flavors!


Favorite flavors for the summer are Froehlich’s Chicken Broccoli rabe and Garlic and Chicken Chipotle and Peach. Both of these raw sausages would be exceptional for bright flavored sandwiches, light pasta or as component for a unique salad.


Misty Knoll Farm is one of the earliest members of the Northeast Family Farms cooperative. Rob Litch raises his chickens in Vermont, using traditional farming methods; raising birds with care, feeding them wholesome grains, free to roam and without the use of antibiotics or hormones. This guarantees a healthy, nutritious and flavorful dining experience. 

Misty Knoll is also passionate about preserving Vermont's rural landscape using only sustainable farming practices, and they are active members of the Vermont Fresh Network.


Misty Knoll whole chickens are an outstanding option for the summer, as their richness holds up exceptionally well in the Smoker. If you are grilling, we love the Misty statler breast, a full portion of boneless breast with the Skin and first wing joint in tact.; this allows for an elegant and dramatic plate presentation.


Dole & Bailey is proud to source beef from Greater Omaha Packing. Greater Omaha has been in the steak business since 1920. From pasture to plate, an uncompromising commitment to quality has been our hallmark since day one, constantly at the forefront of innovation in food safety and humane treatment of animals. Today they ship beef to every U.S. state and over 50 countries around the globe.

Customers from around the world know that the corn belt of the Midwestern United States produces livestock of unrivaled quality. Greater Omaha is located in the middle of the largest supply of Angus and Hereford cattle in the world. Place this abundant supply of the very finest beef cattle in the middle of the largest corn-producing region in the U.S., and you have the most consistent supply of the best beef available anywhere in the world. All of their beef is sourced from the heart of the best beef and most abundant corn country.


They know the ranchers and livestock operators they deal with. They’re neighbors, and most have been their partners for years, even generations.


Fulvi Pecorino Romano

8# (543441) Italy

This ancient cheese is made from 100% sheep’s milk collected in the countryside of Rome and produced in Nepi, 15 miles north of the city. Aged 10 months for 1 year and coated in black wax per tradition...

Fulvi is in a class by itself!

Higher butterfat content sets this pecorino apart from others making it less dry and hard than others.  The milk is also sourced from small producers, analyzed regularly and has no additives or hormones.

Tasting Notes:  Firm crumbly cheese is a rich golden color with a creamy and explosive in flavor, sharp but less salty than most Romanos.


Hand-Crafted Goat Cheese

from Grass-Fed Goat's Milk

Family Owned and Operated Farm

  • Antibiotic-Free

  • No Added Hormones

  • Grass-Fed

  • Non-GMO

  • 100% A2 Milk

  • Low in Fat & Saturated Fat

Made by hand by brothers Trystan and Max Sandvoss, Goat Chèvre made the traditional way, yielding a surprisingly creamy texture. 

Chipotle Honey • Garlic & Dill • Wild Chive & Onion

Cucumber Cress • Original Creamy

Brothers Trystan and Max Sandvoss learned cheesemaking in Washington State where they apprenticed at Mt. Townsend Creamery. Natives of New York, the brothers jumped at the opportunity to move back east in 2010 to start First Light. Beginning with a herd of 5 goats, and in consultation with legendary cheesemaker Peter Dixon, Trystan and Max converted a former horse barn into a state-of-the-art production facility and developed a unique line of fresh and aged goat cheeses. Their fresh cheeses have captured the attention of chefs and retailers widely across the region, and after 8 years, they have established a stellar reputation for their uniquely creamy, clean, fresh chèvre.


First Light offers 5 different flavors of fresh chévre, ranging from savory to smoky to sweet, all with incredibly creamy texture. They use the best ingredients in their cheeses: fresh goat’s milk from their robust herd, and certified organic herbs, to create well-balanced and delicious spreads. The herd of Nubians and Saanen goats has grown to about 100 animals; they graze on fresh grass during the spring, summer and fall and are ABF and are fed non-GMO grain. Among many other great restaurants serving their cheeses, they have recently been added to the menu at Eleven Madison Park, which in 2017 was named the best restaurant in the world. 






Creamery produces free-range, grass-fed, organic dairy products made from water buffalo milk in the mountains of Colombia.


is currently the only certified USDA organic water buffalo producer in the continent.


Mozzarella di Bufula 2.2# tubs n water Ovolini (large) 541127 Bocconcini (medium) 541128 Ciliegine (petite) 541129


Creamery produces free-range, grass-fed, organic dairy products made from water buffalo milk in the mountains of Colombia.


North Country Smokehouse was founded by Abraham Satzow almost 100 years ago. The Smokehouse sits in New Hampshire and relies upon old world European techniques and the highest quality ingredients to produce their amazing products. Their smokers run only on chunks of hardwood instead of sawdust and products are smoked for 10 hours to impart beautiful flavors to every piece of bacon, ham and sausage.

A perennial favorite here at D&B is North Country’s Fruitwood bacon which made from Antibiotic free pork and does not have any preservatives or nitrates added! And, the fruitwood bacon products are Certified Humanely Raised and Handled. Not only is it a delicious product, it’s a product you can feel good about. We stock the fruitwood bacon in a 16/18 sliced format for when you need a beautiful slice of bacon on your plate, as well as a random sizing pack which is ideal for using as an ingredient.


Dehesa de Cordobesa

Forever Cheese has partnered with one of the top producers of Ibérico meats in Spain to bring you purebred Ibérico meats under the Dehesa Cordobesa® label. The purebred pigs are all born and raised by their farmers. While by law only 50-75% of the pig must be Ibérico breed to use “Ibérico” in the name and while most producers raise pigs or cure the meats using pigs which are mixed breed, COVAP raises mainly 100% purebred Ibérico pigs and uses only 100% purebred pigs to produce Dehesa Cordobesa® products. The pigs roam on almost one million acres of Dehesa (acorn tree forest) in the Valley of the Pedroches in the province of Córdoba, Spain. Each pig has almost 2 acres to itself and feasts on acorns from Encina Oak trees, which are considered to be the sweetest in Spain.

These Dehesa Cordobesa® products are from 100% purebred Ibérico pigs that finish their lives eating acorns until they reach the correct weight for slaughter (min 3-4 months). The fat in the meat is high in oleic acid and Omega-3 fatty acids, both thought to help decrease bad cholesterol.


964335 Lardo 1.1#

100% acorn-fed pork back fat cured for 30 days with herbs and produced from 100% purebred Ibérico pigs.

964342 Chorizo 10 oz.

This dry cured sausage has been flavored with paprika to give it a bit of a kick. Coarsely chopped Ibérico pork meat is mixed with pork fat to create a sausage superb for tapas or cooking.

964333 Lomo 1.2#

This is the loin of the pig which is cured 90 days and produced with paprika both on the rind and mixed into the grain of the meat, as is customary in Spain. It is pink to deep pink with a layer of fat around the perimeter. The only purebred loin in the U.S. market, Lomo is extremely tender and flavorful. The smoky paprika balances the intense flavor of the pork.

Belgioioso Burrata
Belgioioso Burrata

Silky on the outside and creamy on the inside, BelGioioso’s Burrata boasts a richly sweet, milky flavor that is sure to please the palate. This made-to-order cheese is hand-formed into balls and packaged in water for an extended shelf life. 6/2x4z #543511 6/4x2z #543519

Burrata 2-4 oz
Burrata 2-4 oz

Silky on the outside and creamy on the inside, BelGioioso’s Burrata boasts a richly sweet, milky flavor that is sure to please the palate. This made-to-order cheese is hand-formed into balls and packaged in water for an extended shelf life. 6/2x4z #543511 6/4x2z #543519

Burrata 4-2 oz
Burrata 4-2 oz

Silky on the outside and creamy on the inside, BelGioioso’s Burrata boasts a richly sweet, milky flavor that is sure to please the palate. This made-to-order cheese is hand-formed into balls and packaged in water for an extended shelf life. 6/2x4z #543511 6/4x2z #543519

Belgioioso Burrata
Belgioioso Burrata

Silky on the outside and creamy on the inside, BelGioioso’s Burrata boasts a richly sweet, milky flavor that is sure to please the palate. This made-to-order cheese is hand-formed into balls and packaged in water for an extended shelf life. 6/2x4z #543511 6/4x2z #543519


Emmanuel Daskalakis, the owner of Aralia Olive Oils, loves to share the story of Aralia, which began with a trip to visit family in Greece. He saw their land and wandered through the olive groves and was struck that the olive trees he was standing among had been cared for by his ancestors for hundreds of years. His moment of epiphany led to Emmanuel’s love for olive oil and inspired him to begin bringing his family’s olive oil here to the United States.


Aria Olive Oil is now available through Dole and Bailey and is the highest quality olive oil we have experienced. It has a buttery flavor with a sharp, peppery finish which makes it wonderfully balanced and a perfect finishing oil.

When you taste chorizo for the first time you understand why it is a national obsession in Spain.  All natural, dry-cured, Palacios chorizos come ready to slice and and enjoy with your favorite cheese or a fine Spanish wine. Make an omelet, rice dish or stew extraordinary. The robust flavor and smoky-edge of chorizo gives a distinctive, Spanish flavor to whatever you prepare.

Palacios was founded in 1983 and exports its Spanish chorizo around the world. Only a few businesses offer real Spanish sausages in the U.S. and none has a better reputation than Palacios. The company's origins can be traced back to a family butcher shop in La Rioja which set up business in 1960.

Dole & Baily is proud to bring  Palacios Chorizo to the US Market. Palacios chorizos are cured with smoked paprika, salt and garlic, with NO NITRATES OR NITRITES added to the recipe.


The Natalie’s story begins in a family orange grove where Marygrace Sexton was pulling her daughter Natalie in a red wagon. Her husband, a fourth generation citrus grower, dreamed of producing fresh squeezed juice, but was too busy running the family’s packinghouse to see it through. Marygrace was determined to bring his idea to fruition. On that crisp fall morning, in the middle of the grove, Marygrace decided to begin her labor of love, and name it after her daughter Natalie.

At the start of the company, only Indian River fruit grown in Sexton’s groves was squeezed. The fruit was hand selected for quality, maturity and taste. The juice was – and still is – squeezed daily in order to guarantee its freshness. In November of 1990, Marygrace landed her first sale to Carnival Fruit in Miami, FL.

Soon realizing she needed more help, Marygrace asked her brothers John and Bil Martinelli to join. Their business expertise have had a profound impact on the growth of the company.  To keep up with demand, the time soon came to expand to a larger facility in Fort Pierce, FL. Not long after, brother Frank Martinelli came on board the family business and took on a lead role turning Natalie’s new facility into a state-of-the-art juice production plant.

Since their humble beginnings they have been blessed to be nationally recognized ten times for producing America’s Best Tasting Fresh Florida Juices. Today, their products can be found in over 33 states and 41 countries worldwide.

As our company progresses, they welcomed the second generation of family, Natalie and Lucy, daughters of CEO Marygrace. They are proud of our most recent accomplishment – being certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. Their family continues to be committed to the Florida farmer and remains dedicated to local and global communities. Squeezing clean label, fresh Florida juice is a labor of love that they hope nourishes and gives back to consumers on a daily basis. To ensure freshness, they squeeze their juices to order in small batches. Their squeezed fresh Florida juices are gourmet pasteurized at the minimum temperature, for the minimum amount of time, in order to retain quality and nutrition. ensure freshness, 



ANIMAL WELFARE MATTERS TO THEM... AND THEIR CUSTOMERS ... That’s why they've been committed to a higher operating standard, from their family farms to you, for over 120 years. Based in Hatfield, PA, Clemens Food Group is a sixth-generation, family owned company dedicated to providing service and brand solutions that help their customers grow their businesses. Clemens is a vertically coordinated company that includes hog farming, food production, and transportation. They are committed to building a foundation for future generations. It is what they call 'doing business the right way.' It is who they are.

They know that animal welfare is a key concern for many of their customers, and one they take seriously.  According to studies by Technomic and Consumer Reports 65% of respondents preferred proteins from animals raised humanely* and 30% would like to see more humanely raised options**.  That’s why they're dedicated to ethically raising their pigs and providing you with product that is free of hormones, steroids, and growth promotants.

FAMILY IS AT THE HEART OF THEIR BUSINESS... like at the Chestnut Family Farms pictured above. At Clemens, they have several unique product programs, like their Farm Promise™ line of No Antibiotics Ever Pork, their Hatfield® Free To Roam ™ pork, and an elevated conventional line of Hatfield ® Pork with a Pledge™. Within the Free to Roam™ program, sows, or breeding female pigs, are group housed - meaning the sows are able to move around and socialize throughout their pregnancy, without the need for gestation crates. This is one example of how Clemens is at the forefront of testing animal welfare practices. They are also testing outdoor porch areas, enrichment, different lighting, and dynamic birthing stalls to continue to meet your guests’ demand for improved animal welfare.

We’re happy to offer Dole & Bailey customers our Free to Roam™ Bacon, Ham, and Pork Butts.