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hale and hearty soups
soup makes everything better.

At Hale and Hearty Soups, they believe soup makes everything better. That's why they make their soups 100% from scratch in their Brooklyn kitchen, with homemade stock, local ingredients, and no added preservatives. They start each soup with fresh produce that they cut the day it's cooked, and simmer into their chowder, chili, mac & cheese, and bisque. Hale & Hearty believe in making soup that's not only delicious, but creates a moment of comfort in the day—it's to be savored.

Hale and Hearty soup offerings change by the seasons, and are available in food service and retail packs. Contact your sales representative or give us a call at 781-935-1234.

Click here to view Hale & Hearty's March offerings.

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