"Mei Mei is so grateful for Dole & Bailey and Northeast Family Farms' commitment to transparent and trustworthy local sourcing. Small farmers, chefs, and especially diners are lucky to have them working to make our food system more sustainable, just, and delicious!"


Irene Li

Mei Mei Street Kitchen and Restaurant

Boston MA


-photo courtesy of

Star Chefs/ Aliza Eliazarov

"The reason I've been so loyal to Dole & Bailey for over 15 years is simple. Their passion for great food and wealth of food knowledge partnered with consistent quality, reliable service and careful attention to my restaurants specific needs is simply unparalleled!  To be able to work directly with a company so connected and driven by their New England agricultural roots is such a great treat for any chef!  They just can’t be touched! "


Chef Darren Kelley

Union Bluff Hotel

"The culinary service team at Dole and Bailey is well versed in their products and programs and take great pride to explain where they are sourced and how they were raised;  always fully transparent! They are  a committed partner in our quest to operate an award winning restaurant open 7 days a week serving between 50-200+ guests each evening.   At Moxy we provide our patrons with the most nutritious and responsibly raised foodstuffs available. We are passionate about strengthening our local foodways, and diverse ecosystems. We believe it is critical we work with small local farmers, larger cooperatives, and larger artisanal purveyors who share our values .  We look forward to our continued relationship with Dole & Bailey!"


Matt Louis

Moxy Restaurant

Portsmouth NH

"Dole and Bailey is a breath of fresh air.  The entire staff at this 145 plus year-old provisioner is committed to being not just a provider, but more importantly a partner is your restaurant’s success.  This type of partnership is invaluable as chefs and restaurateurs seek to complete the formula that results in guest satisfaction and business profitability. What defines a great restaurant today is the ability to not only select the best ingredients, build them into exquisite dishes, and service the customer with attentiveness and care, but even more importantly, to build relationships with vendors who care just as deeply about those goals.  In a time when far too many providers offer less and less in terms of product knowledge, passion for ingredients, and commitment to breakthrough service, you can count on  Dole and Bailey ; they sincerely care about you and your business.  In the Northeast, there is no one better. "


Chef Paul Sorgule

Harvest America Ventures, LLC


"At Townsman we have built our business around our values and great supplier relationships. Quality local, sustainable ingredients are the backbone of what we do, and Dole & Bailey’s expertise and ability to custom cut just about anything has allowed us to be creative while making the most out of the space we have without compromise!"


Chef  & Owner Matt Jennings

Townsman Restaurant

Boston MA


I was more than impressed with everything that I got to take in during our visit to the Dole & Bailey campus. I have always been a huge fan of D&B products and programs, but I truly felt like I was stepping into Willy Wonka's chocolate factory today. A Dole & Bailey Culinary Manager brought us through the facility and he was down right brilliant. I pride myself in being  knowledgeable about food, and EVERYTHING that goes into it, but he truly brought it to another level; and what I was most impressed with was the passion he had for Dole & Bailey . He was genuinely excited about the details that support all of the processes and programs. EVERY person that I spent time with during our tour proved  the great love and respect your team has for FOOD! Keep up the great work! 


Dave Holman

Kitchen Manager

Canoe North

"I simply cannot believe all that you did to take care of every whim of each chef !! The product you provided us for Nantucket Wine Festival was TOP NOTCH.  Thank you to everyone at Dole & Bailey! Love you all, Lydia "


Chef  Lydia Shire




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