Are you always switching between a paring knife for fine cuts and a chef’s knife for chopping?


The 7” Bunka Chef Knife may be your favorite knife ever!


Combining the flat blade of Nakiri and Santoku knives for chopping and the K-tip of the Kiritsuke Gyuto for detailed cuts, our 7” Bunka Chef Knife is an all-around knife for the professional Chef or at-home cook wanting to upgrade their knife and skill.


Handcrafted by our artisan knifemakers, the 7” Bunka Chef Knife features 5 layers of Japanese VG10 high-carbon stainless steel for extra heft when chopping and a durable fine edge tip for precision.


The 7” Bunka Chef Knife Features:

  • Handcrafted construction by artisan knifemakers

  • A unique and modern design twist of Nakiri, Santoku and Kiritsuke Gyuto knives

  • 5-layer VG10 high-carbon steel for easy sharpening and precise cutting

  • Kurouchi blacksmith finish 

  • Octagonal Rosewood handle, comfortable in any size hand, lefty or righty and ox horn ferrule


Choose Our 7” Bunka Chef Knife If:

  • You want a versatile knife that can handle everything from precise cuts to chopping

  • You prefer a knife with more heft and weight

  • You often find yourself switching between a paring knife and a chef’s knife

“Quality, character, and affordability are the most forward characteristics of the Forge to Table product line. As a chef, I know I can depend on these knives to stay sharp and perform when I need it most.” - Sam B, Professional Chef and Forge To Table Customer


Our VG10 high-carbon stainless steel is more resilient than pure carbon steel, yet it sharpens with ease, allowing a finer edge. The durability of VG10 steel prevents dulling and rusting. The "kurouchi", or blacksmith finish, is the signature of our forge in Southeast China.


Forge to Table 7" Bunka Knife

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