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northeast family farms
at dole & bailey, we support the revitalization of farming in a healthy, sustainable way.

Our Northeast Family Farms program connects farming families, local processors, independent retailers, and chefs within the Northeast to make locally raised foods available to all. We source weekly directly from our suppliers and farmers, and custom butcher and pack to your specification to ensure an authentic farm-to-place experience.

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northeast family farms partners
Misty Knoll

Misty Knoll Farm (poultry)

New Haven, Vermont

The Misty Knoll Farm is a family owned and operated farm devoted to producing the finest free range poultry products. As stewards of the Vermont countryside, we treat our farm as a precious irreplaceable natural resource.  Therefore, we follow farming practices that ensure our crop land and pastures will be productive for future generations of Vermonters.


We have our own on-site, U.S.D.A inspected processing facility where all of our processing and grading is done by hand.  This process ensures you that only the finest birds are offered for sale, while providing jobs for people, not machines.


Naturally-Raised Chickens

Delectable chicken dishes depend on succulent, flavorful birds. At Misty Knoll Farms, our chickens are free to roam throughout our spacious, specially designed chicken houses, with access to abundant feed, water and fresh air. As a result of this clean, stress-free environment, our birds are healthier and better tasting. Processed fresh each week, ranging from 3-5 pounds. Whole chickens and associated cuts are available year around


Free-Range Turkeys

We start our turkeys in a large brooder house, sheltered from the elements, until they are capable of withstanding Vermont's cool nights. Then the flocks are moved to open barns with free access to lush pasture, sunlight, wholesome feed and fresh water. Allowed to grow naturally to size, our turkeys are robust and meatier. Available fresh September to December, ranging from 10-35 pounds. Frozen whole turkeys and associated cuts available the remainder of the year. Free-range birds live and grow, and thrive in our famous Vermont clean air.

Lucki 7

Lucki 7 Livestock Company (pork)

Rodman, New York

The Lucki 7 Livestock Company was founded by Stephen and Lisa Winkler in 1997, with the goal of providing their family of seven with homegrown produce, meat, poultry, and eggs. The Winkler’s also wanted to care for the land and improve their 320 acres of pasture in Northern New York. Along the way, Steve helped neighboring farms do the same and developed a network of small family farms that raise 100% vegetarian-fed Duroc pigs, without the use of crates or cages, antibiotics, or added hormones. Lucki 7 pigs are raised on lush green pastures and in open deeply-bedded barns, which allow pigs to move about freely, socialize, and express natural behaviors such as rooting and foraging.


"It's a satisfying feeling to know that we have a quality partner in Dole & Bailey, and the NEFF program. Dole & Bailey understands farm sustainability. It is a very important relationship, not only to our small family farm, but to all of agriculture in the Northeast."

Stephen Winkler, Lucki 7 Liverstock Co


autumn mist farm (beef)

Feeding Hills, Massachusetts

Autumn Mist farm is a small 100 acre family beef farm located in Feeding Hills Massachusetts. They currently run 80 cow calf pairs and purchase feeder cattle which consist of Angus -Hereford – Simmental, and finish them for the program. They have access to pastures set up for them with hay silage that Autumn Mist makes.


Autumn Mist takes extreme pride in their cattle to make sure they do the best job they can do for the Northeast Family Farm's  beef program and its customers.



golden acres (beef)

Westerlo, New York

Gerry Boone farms approximately 800 acres of crops, hay, and pastureland in the rolling hills of southern Albany County, just north of the town of Westerlo. One of 11 children, he moved to the farm with his family in 1968 and has been there ever since. Although his father wasn't a farmer, it turned out Gerry was, and after finishing a degree in Applied Animal Agriculture at SUNY-Cobleskill, he took on the farm full-time.

Today Gerry finishes steers each year from his home-grown cow herd of Angus and Charolais cattle. Except for bulls purchased locally from Trowbridge Angus in Ghent, NY, the herd is pretty much closed.


He raises all his own feed (corn, corn silage, hay, and oats) for the herd and his Percheron horses. Gerry says that he enjoys caring for his cattle and watching them grow. He gets help on the farm from his wife Laura - who is a vet, and his son Jack. The Boone family recently celebrated Golden Acres’ 50 year anniversary.

Autumn Mist Farm
Golden Acres
North Star

north star (lamb)

Windham, Maine

Phil and Lisa have been sheep farming together in Maine since 1984 with a foundation flock of Hampshire and Suffolk sheep. Generations before them also had a long and notable history of raising sheep in Maine. Together they maintain and fully support their 300 year old homestead consisting of 200 acres 15 minutes west of Portland Maine raising lamb product.


  • They raise their animals to the highest ethical standards.

  • Each is free to graze in the comfort of wide open spaces that is their natural environment. They are fiercely protected from predators by donkeys and fully respected by the farmers.

  • There are no added hormones. Period.

  • Antibiotics are used on a case by case basis and only when needed. If an animal is treated with antibiotics, it is removed from our retail and wholesale meat program.


  • North Star Sheep Farm know the importance of the health of our livestock, the preservation of the land that feeds us and the well-being of the workers who help bring our product to market.

  • Their ongoing mission is to not only manage, but enhance the lives of our sheep, the richness of our soil, and the experience of our employees.

  • They do so by using the most current sustainable farming methods that use only natural, non-toxic barriers to prevent illness and disease.

All North Star Sheep Farm animals are pasture-raised. They graze freely their entire lives and mature on a natural growth schedule. Their 100% vegetable diet is supplemented with wholesome grains and is completely free of antibiotics, hormones and animal by-products. It includes:
   • Pasture grasses during the growing seasons
   • Locally grown timothy hay during the winter and early spring
   • Whole oats and barley
   • Ample fresh, clean water

Yankee Farmer's Market

yankee farmer's market (bison/venison)

Warner, NH

For more than ten years, Brian and Keira Farmer have been dedicating their lives to raising bixon locally, and expanding their farm operation. Their passion is not only in local agriculture, but in raising healthy, quality, delicious meats. In March of 1999, Yankee Farmer's Market relocated to beautiful Warner, NH on a homestead situated on 16 acres of historic farmland. They are currently working to recover some of the overgrown pastureland, and expanding opportunities to other local famers as well. The Farmers raise on average about 100 bison, some of which are kept in Hillsboro NH and New Boston NH. The bison are pasture-raised, naturally, and are fed hay and baleage in winter, occassionally receiving fruits and grains.

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