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Quality is a trademark in every product we carry.

Our specialists take pride in adding their expertise in sourcing the finest quality fresh meats and seafood available. On campus, we do our own custom grinding, marinating, and custom-portion programs. Our speed of process allows for large custom-cut and packaged order capacity on short notice as well as the ability to handle unique, artisan hand-cut items. We also manage a complete seafood procurement and cut shop, and local /native produce programs. We stock the most comprehensive Gluten Free and Local Vegetarian offerings as well as gourmet items from sources that span the Globe. We selectively pack each order, breaking cases whenever needed and repacking with extra care. The result is consistency in every Dole & Bailey box.

Our  skills are five-generations strong. Whether working on whole-animal butchery, dressed carcasses or the finest details of portion control, our work is exceptional.


From Haddock to Sole...from Scallops to Oysters...our resident fishmonger, Chris, sources the finest Seafood around. 


Looking to build a show-stopping cheese board? We are here to help with our outstanding local and imported cheese options.


Dole & Bailey offers the finest American Wagyu in the Northeast. Curated by the leader of Wagyu genetics in the USA, Kuro American Wagyu is artisinally curated with the steak lover in mind.

Forge to Table

Hand-made kitchen knives and cutlery. Designed for professionals, crafted for all.

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