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How can I request a pick-up or credit?

Dole & Bailey’s team of experts is committed to sourcing and cutting products of the finest quality and delivering them direct to your kitchen in our state-of-the-art trucks. When there are challenges, these are steps to follow for returns and a credit will be granted if approved.

1. When your order arrives –

  • Verify the delivered product is accurate and of good quality.

  • If an item correlates with any of the scenarios below, please inform the D&B driver before the delivery is completed and make note of the issue on the invoice -

    • If an item is of poor quality, moldy, expired, or if a frozen item arrives thawed.

    • If an item is damaged to the extent that the package/container arrives open, broken, or crushed.

    • If an item is short on delivery. Requests for credit due to a shortage must be made at the time of delivery.

    • If an item is mis-entered, subbed, mis-picked, or entered at an incorrect price.

  • Once you have checked your order, please sign the invoice. Your signature is verification that you are satisfied with your order and that all proper notations have been made.

  • Credit will not be issued for any product after your invoice has been signed.

  • We do not accept returns on preordered or custom products unless the product is damaged.


2. Request for credit/pick-up after a delivery is completed –

  • All requests for credit/pick-up must be made to a Dole & Bailey customer service representative within 24 hours of product delivery.

  • Product can be returned after delivery only if it meets the following food safety guidelines which are in place to ensure the integrity of our products:

    • Packaging - Returning product must be in the original shipping packaging. We request that you take special care of the package. While it is understood that you must see the product before making the decision to reject it, we ask that you do not tear or cut open boxes and/or bags.

    • Temperature – Returning product must be stored at the proper temperature to maintain original chilled or frozen state.

  • Drivers are not able to pick up any perishables that do not meet the above food safety requirements.

  • Perishable items that are returned are subject to inspection by the Quality Control department before any credit can be processed.

  • Pick-ups will be executed on your next delivery if it is within the pick-up time frame for the item.

  • Returns must be clearly marked for drivers if kitchen staff is not available


3. Request for credit after a delivery is completed and without product pick-up –

Some items may not be picked up due to safety reasons: moldy, spoiled, expired, recalled item; frozen item arrived thawed; severely damaged product or container. In these scenarios, please follow credit request protocol below.

  • All requests for credit must be reported to a Dole & Bailey customer representative within 24 hours of product delivery.

  • Clear pictures of the entire case, and pictures of the product must be submitted to receive credit.

  • Clear pictures of all Dole & Bailey and manufacturer’s labels must be submitted to receive credit.

  • A quality assurance report will be completed by the Quality Control Manager and all pertinent information will be sent to the product’s buyer and Dole & Bailey’s Procurement Director.

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